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Saxilby Ringing Simulators


The Indispensible route to better ringing


Technical Info




The assembled unit as depicted weighs 82kg. The wheel weighs 35kg, the frame weighs 15kg, and the two 12mm thick, laser-cut, bell-shaped weightplates each weigh 16kg.





The assembled simulator unit as shown is 1000mm (39.5") long and 305mm (12") wide.  The overall height of the simulator is 1070mm (42").


The frame without the wheel stands 533mm (21") high.  If necessary, it can be dismantled into two side frames, two end pieces and a pulley block.


The wheel is 915mm (36") diameter and will easily pass up even the tightest tower spiral staircase.  When transporting the simulator in a hatchback car, the usual method is to separate the wheel and frame and then lie the wheel on top of the frame using an old sheet or blanket to protect the painted surface.

The split-wheel variant has an almost imperceptible joint-line along the edge of the horizontal spoke and the upper and lower halves dovetail smoothly together.  Six discreet through-bolts hold the two pieces securely together.  The lower section is the larger, but will still pass through a loft hatch which has just 585mm (23") diagonal measurement.  Even smaller is possible if required.  The wheel shown in the image below is a split-wheel model.



The simulator generates very modest forces during use and mounting it across two or three joists or roof trusses has been found to be quite adequate.


A typical mounting height of the unit would be about 8ft (2.4m) above the floor and it is recommended that 12ft (3.6m) should be regarded as a maximum.  If the unit is to be mounted higher than this, an extra long rope can be supplied to order, but loss of "feel" can be expected.


Reproduced below are some pictures which customers have taken of their own Saxilby Simulator installations.


                  Saxsim website last updated May 2023

Saxilby Simulators support

Civill02 r304

Computer Requirements


The simulator is fully ready for plugging straight into any PC or laptop running ABEL , BELTOWER or Virtual Belfry and comes complete with a strike point sensor, 5 metres of cable, a 9-pin serial port connector and a serial/USB adaptor. 


Some information and instructions on how to assemble the unit and how to connect it so that it interfaces with ABEL can be found on the assembly and connection pages.

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