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Saxilby Ringing Simulators

The Indispensible route to better ringing


Roadshow 2005

Newbury Racecourse, 10th September 2005

10sept2005 002red
10sept2005 003red
10sept2005 008red

Saxilby Simulators support

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Saxilby Simulators made their debut appearance at bellringing's premier show case - The Ringing Roadshow.  The Wombel (which uses a single Saxilby Simulator unit) was occupying a prime entrance position inside the main stand and was subject to a steady queue of ringers waiting to try it all day.  Outside, the strikingly futuristic-looking, umbrella-topped, Saxilby Simulator Campanile was similarly popular, with the 'bells' in constant motion as band after band caught hold and instantly felt at ease.  Several courses of Surprise Minor where rung and fire-ups were almost non-existent.  Two more Saxilby Simulator units were available for closer scrutiny on tables either side of the campanile.

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